4 WIN is the 3-axis machining center for processing of window and frame elements according to the prefinished technique.

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DESCRIPTION4 WINUnit of measurement
Max machinable workpiece X-Y-Z (automatic table)4380-140-140mm
Working Area  X-Y-Z ("tubeless" - opt.)2500-1100-140mm
Electrospinde - max powerup to 19 - HSK 63 E kW

Max tools number on magazines

Max tool diameter250 mm
Automatic working tablestd 
Additional "Tubeless" worktableopt 


4 WIN, 3/4-axis machining center, is the answer to all issues you meet when fastly processing styled windows with perfect quality.

Patented working table for a firm workpiece clamping.

"High torque" operating unit specially designed for windows processing.

CNC especially designed for the processing and the production of:

  • design windows
  • doors