Available in individual designs with sophisticated details, our all-rounder in an industrial production environment cuts single panels for small batches just as reliably and accurately as packages for large batch production.

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 Panel cutting cells for wood-based materials 

 Configured to meet your specific needs 

Whether you are producing in small batches or cutting panel packages in large batches – the flexible nature of the IMA Schelling panel cutting cells enables unique system configurations that fit your industrial production requirements. The concepts benefit from our know-how gained over many years of project management for wood panel cutting cells. 

This results in workcell solutions which are optimally designed to meet your needs and the spatial conditions of your site. The solid design paired with sophisticated details is a future-proof and cost-effective investment.  

 ah 6 

 The all-rounder in an industrial production environment 

Thanks to pioneering technology and a motor power of 27 kW, the ah 6 panel saw is ideally suited for cutting panel packages in large batches but also suitable for flexible small batch production. The solid concept paired with sophisticated details is a future-proof and cost-effective investment.

 ah 8 

 State-of-the-art technology, high motor power 

Our ah 8 panel saw is a concentrated bunch of technology. It can process all kinds of wood-based materials with ease and in an accurate and highly productive manner. The basis for this is laid by the solid heavy-duty construction of the machine and an impressive motorization with 32 kW power. Whether you are cutting panel packages or producing in small batches – thanks to state-of-the-art programming and automation, everything runs like clockwork with the ah 8.

 ah 9 

 The angular cutting centre with high-end performance 

The ah 9 panel cutting saw satisfies even the most exacting demands as far as precision, productivity and automation are concerned. Its 37 kW unit allows for powerful machining enabling the saw to perform every panel cutting task – from single panels to panel packages. Equipped with innovative technology, the ah 9 can be tailored exactly to your needs.

The outstanding features of the ah series

  • Various feeder systems for optimal material supply
  • Optimized material flow - the quickest way through the workcell
  • Turning device or rotary table for end cuts enables optimized material utilization
  • Double or triple infeed carriage to the cross-cut saw for short production cycles
  • Fully automated offcut removal through centralized outlet
  • Manually assisted or fully automatic sorters and stackers
  • User-friendly graphical user interface for workcell operation and online diagnostics
  • Panel optimization software tuned specifically for use with the workcell
  • Special software applications for parts tracking, labelling and miscellaneous logistic requirements
  • Individually configurable handling and packaging systems

Technical data

  • Saw blade overhang: 145 - 185 mm
  • Sawing motor power: 27 - 37 kW

Strip aligner

Vacuum feeder

Outfeed carriage

Double or triple infeed of the cross-cut saw

Rotary table in front of the saw