Altendorf Sliding table saws F 45 The essence of technology and design. We know how important reliable machinery is to your daily business operation. This is why our F 45 represents the essence of reliability and sets both technical and optical standards. And it does so to ensure your success.

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A – manual adjustment: Cutting width + 280 mm
Motorised adjustment: Cutting width + 360 mm

B – Table length + 360 mm

C – Table length + 290 mm

D – Sliding table length: 1890 – max. 3,420 mm

D – Crosscut mitre fence and parallelogram cross slides: 1960 – max. 3,690 mm

D – CNC crosscut fence UNO / DUO: 2200 – max. 3,670 mm

D – Machine weight starting at 1,170 kg, depending on configuration

D – Working height 910 mm, 880 mm or 850 mm

  • Motorised rise/fall and tilt adjustment (0 – 46°) for the main saw blade with automatic cutting height correction when the saw blade is tilted
  • Rip fence, manual adjustment using graduated scale, includes fine adjustment, cutting width 1,000 mm
  • Eye-level control unit, swivelling
  • Crosscut fence with fixed 90° angle, manual adjustment using graduated scale up to 3,200 mm
  • AKE tool clamping system for the main saw blade
  • Motor rating 5.5 kW (7.5 HP), three speeds (3,000/4,000/5,000 rpm), manual adjustment
  • Sliding table, table length 3,000 mm
  • Maximum saw blade projection 154 mm, maximum saw blade diameter 450 mm
  • Working height 91 cm

    Our safety system for motorised rip fences enables you to work even more precisely and safely. The intelligent sensor system is capable of recognising workpieces starting at a width of just 115 mm. It determines the exact point in time when the workpiece was completely cut through and moves the rip fence by 4 mm in order to expose the workpiece. Cutting marks and kick-back effect farewell!