Our Novimat Compact R3/L12 edge banding machines enable you to get started with industrial fabrication in a highly professional way. These edge banders deliver the highest quality in edge processing with minimum floor space requirements and at a lower price. They can master all aspects of edge processing and perform necessary tasks with the required edging materials perfectly by automating essential functions.

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 Features of the Novimat Compact edge banders 

  • Uncomplicated one-man operation through the automation of essential functions 
  • Designed for industrial use and specifically for edge jointing, edge banding and finish machining & fine finishing of edgings 
  • High-rigidity, solid beam frame construction
  • Double banded top pressure belt for optimally and gently feeding short panels and sensitive surfaces through the machine 
  • Electronically adjustable top pressure track 
  • Fast glue change due to IMA quick-lock system 
  • Centralized lubrication of the feed chain
  • Panel support device positionable within the working width 
  • Program-controlled feed speed
  • Multi-profile technology with automatic profile change can be utilized
  • Modern industrial PC with a 21.5-inch Wide Monitor, for operation via touch screen, keyboard and mouse 
  • Optional upgrade to laser edge banding (R3)
  • Profile milling and contour trimming units for all materials (L12)

  •  Novimat Compact L12 

     For coiled materials and solid wood lippings 

    The Novimat Compact L12 more than meets the requirements of industrial edge processing. The edge bander that allows you to apply solid wood lippings up 12 mm thick as well as coiled materials using EVA or PUR glue ensures high product quality and is easy to use. All processing units of this machine have optimal motor power. This allows for high availability paired with excellent repetition accuracy and service life.

     Novimat Compact R3 

     For coiled materials 

    Our Novimat Compact R3 allows you to apply coiled materials using glue, such as EVA or PUR, or a diode laser. The included spare location can be fitted with a grooving, smoothing or sanding unit. Thanks to its good standard equipment, flexibility and automation, the Novimat Compact R3 is an edge bandier that performs its tasks with absolute reliability. In this process, feed speeds of up to 25 m/min and a quick glue change using the tried and tested IMA quick-lock system enable the machine to perform cost-effective, high-quality edge banding without any restrictio

    Spare location for grooving

    Spray nozzle

  • ICOS OPEN21.5 " full HD touch screen with optional bar code reader

    Machine infeedwith optional manual infeed table

    Edge jointing unitwith two 4.0 kW edge jointing motors

    Edge banding

  • Glue stationwith different types of magazines

    Optional diode laser

  • Quickmelt EVA pre-melter

    PUR pre-melter

  • End trimming unit

  • Linear end trimming unit

    Contour milling unit (KFA 20)

    Pre-milling, contour trimming unit

    Finish machining, fine finishing

    Fine finishing: single-profile

    Fine finishing: multi-profile

    Spare location for smoothing

    Spare location for grooving

    Spray nozzle

  • ICOS OPEN21.5 " full HD touch screen with optional bar code reader

    Machine infeedwith optional manual infeed table


    If so, we will be glad to answer all your questions concerning our edge banders of the Novimat Compact series. Please do not hesitate to contact us!