The machining center for high-speed drilling

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DESCRIPTIONUnit of measurementTF 600 KS
Max. grippers speed (XYZ)m/min140 - 90 - 50
Min. Panel dimensions( X-Y-Z)mm70 - 35 - 9
Max. Panel dimensions (X-Y-Z)mm2800 - 1200 - 60
Double upper boring head13+13 V - 6+6 H
lower boring head9
Double Electrospindles - max powerkW

5,5 + 3,5

Saw blade diam.mm120



TF 600 KS is the through feed machining center for very high-performance drilling. The machine is designed for all manufacturers of cabinets and furnishings who want to combine high productivity with flexibility. TF 600S perfectly machines all 6 sides of the panel.


Integration into production lines is possible in the TF 600SA version.