Winner 385 is the 5-axis machining center that easily fits any type of processing.

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DESCRIPTIONunitàWinner 385Winner 385L
Working Area X-Y-Zmm3240-1550-2005060-1550-200
Boring head - total spindles1919
Electrospindle - HSK F63kW12 std12 std
Integrated Saw blade (max diam.)mm125125
Tools Magazine (tot. tools)22+522+5
Working table (tot. bars)68


NEW Winner series has been designed to meet all market needs. It offers the best technical solutions born from the experience of the "Custom" Project series and offer flexibility of use, reliability and high productivity.

Winner 385 is the perfect combination of the flexibility 5-axis operating unit and high stiffness of the bridge structure that allows the use of this CNC in any context.

Suited for many kind of processing:

  • furniture
  • windows
  • stairs
  • sashes and windows frames
  • doors