BAZ 322/60/AP

Technical details:

C.N.C. WORKING CENTER with 4 axes (X-Y-Z-C) for routering, boring, cutting and edge banding

Goose-neck type - Front emergency carpets

Numerical Control Type PowerControl PC 85 - Software WoodWop

Dimensions of the table mm 6000 x 1580 (with No. 12 Supports/Rails Type AP Automatic)

CNC controls the automatic deplacement (X axe) of the 12 Supports/Rails

CNC controls the automatic deplacement (Y axe) of the Vacuum cups/pods

Automatic Tools Changing System (Store at No. 18 folds)

Max. useful working area (X - Y - Z) mm 6175 x 1850 x 300

Max. useful working area (X - Y - Z) in edge banding mm 6000 x 1775 x 60

No. 2 Working areas - No. 2 Vacuum pumps (capacity m3/h 100 each)

Motorized carpet to evacuate the wastes from the working process

Total installed power KW 27

Working groups (top) with MPU

No. 20 Independent vertical boring spindles (power of the drilling head Kw 6)

No. 10 Independent horizontal boring spindles

No. 1 Vertical main Electro-spindle Kw 15

No. 1 Circular Saw

No. 1 Edge Banding head on board (axe Y) Power Edge, Glueing Unit (Hot Melt + Quick Melt Unit)

Edges (tape) thickness in rolls (min/max) mm 0,4 - 3

Edge coils supporting unit (N. 6 reels/Coils)

Pre-End cutting unit

OPTIONALS: Some tools and aggregates (i.e. Trimming / Scraping Unit, etc.)